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  1. SaltwaterScoop

    Planning 3 Tank Waterfall System

    I wasn't sure what section to post a potential build discussion in but what do y'all think of this idea? Excuse the PowerPoint mock-up
  2. SaltwaterScoop

    The Coral Cavern - 25g Shallow Reef

    This tank has been running since August 2016. I started out really slow with only a few fish and frags. I didn't really start stocking the tank until the last couple of months which has worked out great since the tank has become super stable. I plan on stocking this tank up and growing it out so...
  3. SaltwaterScoop

    [video] What's Lurking In Your Aquarium? (creepy Aquarium Hitchhikers)

    I made a Halloween ** inspired video about what might be lurking inside your saltwater aquarium. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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