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  1. Tuesday

    Betta fizzy mouth

    Betta boI has fuzzy mouth. I’ve been told columnaris. I’ve done one treatment of furan. He’s in the hospital / quarantine tank, (don’t Judge the “decor”) but homeboy doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Getting worse actually. so is there a treatment that will help immediately? he hangs on the...
  2. Tuesday


    Somebody help me out. there's the normal, skinny leafed val, and then there's the super thick leafed val, (I think its val) Once upon a time I had the thick leaves and I'm dying to get it again, but every time I order "giant val" its just the skinny val. Anybody have the scientific name?
  3. Tuesday

    Getting my fish more friends?

    That's pretty full stock for a 30 gallon. Keep that in mind when adding fish.
  4. Tuesday

    Clean up crews?

    hey there! I think I can help you out, but obviously these are only my personal experiences speaking :). 1) my snails have done great. I use blasting sand for substrate, and its not exactly soft. I have nerites, trumpets, ramshorn, assassin, and pest snails, and I've had apple snails in the...
  5. Tuesday

    300 gallon planted tank lighting

    you guys are the best. I'll let you know what I end up going with. It'll be a while. Right now I'm thinking of getting an aqua decor background so that's going to be my next project.
  6. Tuesday

    Heater for a 300 gallon?

    I need some heaters for my 300 gallon tetra tank. something relatively inexpensive, but that's not going to explode and kill all my fish, suggestions?
  7. Tuesday

    Sick Tetra

    Okay so what I would do, and this is my go-to, is dose API melafix or paraguard/poly guard depending, but it looks like your fishy COULD have red spot disease. try furan 2?
  8. Tuesday

    Sick Tetra

    When was the last time you did a water change, and when you do, do you use any kind of water conditioner?
  9. Tuesday

    300 gallon planted tank lighting

    Hey all- My arowana just died. I told myself i'd never do monster fish again, and I wont. with that, I am completely renovating her tank. new scape, new fish, new stand, new everything. She didn't have plants in her tank, but the new tank will be heavily planted. Lighting is my least favorite...
  10. Tuesday

    Betta Fins

    Hey all. Got a new betta from petsupermarket. ( he’s going in a heavily planted, perfectly healthy, 75 gallon) So I got homeboy because 1) I decided that would be cool and 2) he looked pretty beat up. 3) I am capable of fixing almost any fish. (Sorta. Ish.) 4) HOWEVER. I don’t know what...
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