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  1. Ismene

    Plant bundle

    Would anyone be interested in 15+ stems pogostemon stellatus octopus and 15+ jungle vals of varied lengths? I’m thinking $20 shipped, but I can’t guarantee whether they arrive undamaged from the temperatures. I hate to throw away healthy plants :/
  2. Ismene

    So pretty

  3. Ismene

    November 2020 - Aquarium of the Month

    16 gallon cherry shrimp tank
  4. Ismene

    November 2020 - Aquarium of the Month

    50 gallon planted
  5. Ismene

    16 gallon cherry shrimp tank

    They really like Shrimp Fit
  6. Ismene

    Show off your fish tank!

    My new 50 gallon.
  7. Ismene

    Are live plants expensive?

    In my experience prices depend on how many you kill. Or maybe that’s just me. Over here. Killing plants regularly. Mostly kidding. I had a steep learning curve. I’ve bought a lot of plants on here and they have definitely been the healthiest on arrival. Greenpro on Amazon has been hit and miss...
  8. Ismene

    Should I add more ammonia?

    Thanks! I moved two filters from my other tanks to this one. So, it has cycled fast, but I think I’m going to wait to put the fish in until next week. The python vac should be here Monday. I’m going to do a big water change Tuesday and then put the fish in if the parameters are good. Water...
  9. Ismene

    Should I add more ammonia?

    I added Thrive last week. The only thing I can think is that the nitrite was converted into nitrates really fast. The timing is bizarre. I ordered a python to make water changes easier so I can do them more frequently. I’m going to add more ammonia and test frequently until the python arrives...
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