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    Corydoras with Betta?

    Are there any small corydoras species that can live with a betta in a 10 gallon? I thought about buying pygmy corydoras but I heard that they like to swim mid level and may annoy the betta. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    GBR Cichlids and Cory Catfish (55 gallon)

    I would like to put 6 German Blue Ram cichlids and 15 Corydoras catfish (maybe 10 Juliis and 5 Sterbai?) into a very planted 55 gallon aquarium. I have experience keeping cory cats but have never kept GBR cichlids before. Does anyone have any experience putting those two species together? Any...
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    Flying with Fish?

    Hey guys, So I live in Alaska, but I go to Thailand every year to visit my family (except this year for obvious reasons). I have always loved going to Chatuchak market and have always wanted to buy goldfish and betta from the market. Well, I find myself with two empty fish tanks (one 55 gallon...
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