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  1. justinleeldn

    20 Gallon Tank Venturi on or off?

    Hello! I know this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I am using a Eheim Pickup 160 internal filter in a 105 litre tank. I currently use the Venturi option, but I have been told by many fish keepers they don't use it as they have never felt the need. Am I...
  2. justinleeldn

    29 Gallon Tank Internal filter placement

    I am using an internal filter in a 105 litre tank. I currently have the filter submerged, about two inches below the water level. See attached pic. I have since heard that internal filters work better if you place them nearer to the bottom of the tank. Is this true? I have a lot of fish in my...
  3. justinleeldn

    Cleaning filter sponge

    I have an internal filter and I'm wondering how often I should remove and clean the filter sponge?Some say two weeks, others say four. What is best? I know that I should only rinse it in water removed from the tank, and not under the tap.
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