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    Stocking ideas

    Hey there So I recently caved to my temptation of building my own acrylic monster 265gal tank (at least I consider it to be a monster tank). 7'x 2.5'w x 2'h The tank is cycled, my water parameters are stable and I can add more info on that tomorrow if needed. It has a pool filter sand bottom...
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    Possible oscar

    Hey there I currently have a 100 gallon tank containing 5 tinfoil barbs (about 3-4inches each). I been seriously thinking about adding 1-2 oscars (maybe 1 because of their size) to the tank. What are your thoughts on this? will 2 oscars overstock it? Will 1 overstock it? Filtration isn't an...
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    How many bala sharks in 90 gallon tank?

    Hey there So I'm brand new to this site but it seems pretty full of information, so with that said heres my problem. My old tank was 32 gallons and I had 4 tinfoils 4 tiger barbs and 2 balas and saw that was way to small for them so I upgraded (sale at big als couldnt of been better timing)...
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