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  1. lonehunter

    Cichlid label?

    Really where did you find this study where can I see it
  2. lonehunter

    Cichlid label?

    I got in touch and well your all part right I guess there actually hybrids between the convict cichlid and the blood parrot the first photo really does look like a normal body blood parrot so I guess it won’t have the problems of a short body one so it I’ll live longer but there all hybrids...
  3. lonehunter

    Cichlid label?

    Does anyone know what species or hybrid these cichlids are some kinda look like firemouths don’t they
  4. lonehunter

    Cichlid ID?

    What species or hybrids would you say these are some kinda look like fire mouths don’t they
  5. lonehunter

    Fish tanks easy to make?

    Real talk is a fish tank really just glass and silicone and maybe a rim do you even need any equipment to make one would it be way cheaper just making one with custom glass cuts and silicone
  6. lonehunter

    75 gallon filtration

    There’s 5 convicts and 1 Oscar The Oscar is 3 inches and the convicts are 5-6 inches but no they don’t need a 200 gallon it can live happily in a 75 I added them yesterday gotcha sill stick with 70s maybe I’ll add a smaller filter in the future but for now the Oscar is around 2.5 inches not 3
  7. lonehunter

    75 gallon filtration

    Hey guys do you think 2 aquaclear 70s is good enough for a 75 gallon I’ll be putting and Oscar and convict cichlids
  8. lonehunter

    My Crayfish Isn’t Eating

    What kind of crayfish is it is electric blue if it is I can tell you from experience whenever I’ve had one prior to molting there blue color turns a little mor red and purple
  9. lonehunter

    Cpo Breeding Questions

    Hello I have experience breeding crayfish I think I can help you so first you need to remove the female to a separate tank you can’t trust the gouramI or mango and after a week you should remove the female as well she can eat the fry now onto care it’s pretty much the same as a adult crayfish...
  10. lonehunter

    Parrot And Convict Breeding Advice

    Well I didn’t purposely breed them I just wanted a Cichlid tank their was a Jack Dempsey in their but I had to regime him because he was going to die and I didn’t even know they were breeding I just woke up and saw a bunch of fry in the tank but overall I see nothing wrong with hybrids Other...
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