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  1. WadeEH

    New Fish Store.

    I checked out a new (to me) lfs today and was happy to see this sign on the goldfish tanks. Makes for a good first impression.
  2. WadeEH

    Java Fern - Algae?

    Is this a type of algae growing on my Java Ferns? If so, what type is it and what causes it? Thanks for any info.
  3. WadeEH

    Rip Ram - Need A Replacement

    I lost my Bolivian Ram today. His name was Ram, because I'm not that creative with names and he seemed to be OK with it. I bought him at the local PetSmart in 2014 on a "clearance" sale. They offered him to me for half price because he had been there for awhile and was getting too big for the...
  4. WadeEH

    What Is This?

    Anybody know what this is? I found it in my tank while doing my water change today. I know the photo isn't very good, but it is the best I could get. It is only about 1/8 of an inch long. It kind of looks like some sort of shrimp. It has its tail rolled up in the photo.
  5. WadeEH

    Gh & Kh For Planted Tank.

    I just recently switched over to live plants and saw another post where SeattleRoy mentioned that GH & KH levels are important to know for a planted tank. I ordered a test kit that should arrive tonight. I was just wandering what levels are needed for a healthy planted tank and what I should be...
  6. WadeEH

    More Specific Plant Id

    My LFS uses very little detail in labeling their plants. Can anyone give me more information on what specific type of plants these are? The plants are small and the photos aren't great, but any help is appreciated. Sword Crypt Anubias1 Anubias2 Aponogeton
  7. WadeEH

    Finally Jumped Into Live Plants!

    After over 27 years of keeping my fish with fake plants I was persuaded to make the switch to live plants by all the pictures and comments I see on this forum. Over the past month I have been replacing fake plants with live plants and replaced the last of the fake ones this weekend. I now have...
  8. WadeEH

    Java Fern Question - Will Rhizomes Grow?

    I decided to try switching my tank over to live plants two weeks ago. The two plants I got then are doing well, so I decided to add some more. Today I bought some java fern and after taking the rubber band off I found that there were four separate plants. I attached the plants to rocks and...
  9. WadeEH

    First Live Plants - Need Help

    I have kept fish for over 27 years, but have never had real plants. A friend gave me two small plants today and I need help identifying one of them and any advice on how to care for them. I know one of them is a banana plat and he said he though the other was some type of Crypt. Can someone tell...
  10. WadeEH

    Information On Fish Temperature Ranges

    Does anyone know where I can find information about the effects on fish being kept at the extremes of their temperature ranges? Not fish being kept well outside of their ranges, but just at the upper and lower ends of their recommended ranges. I'm looking for actual articles or studies from...
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