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    EBook on fish keeping from 1856 for those interested

    This is a copy of an 1856 book written on aquarium care and design. Brian
  2. btate617

    Cyphotilapia sp. North/ Burundi type

    Since I always bad mouth the African cichlids, here are some pics for those of you who like them Many of the pictures of these guys are not the best, sorry for that.
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    To my friendly mod team.... sorry don't know where to put this...... Yo jaysee clean out your darn inbox.... you can't receive any messages!!!! Brian
  4. btate617

    Satanoperca Leucosticta pictures

    Sorry for the quality on some, they were taken long before I had a decent camera. Brian
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  6. btate617


    Today is the third day in a row with wind chills around -40, suppose to continue tonight and into tomorrow. Come the weekend when it warms up into the -20's we might have to break out the shorts. Brian
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    Hello all

    Just thought I would say hey to everyone now that I have time to get back to the forum. Brian
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    Hey all

    Hey guys I have not been around in awhile, just thought I would stop by and say hey. Hope everyone has been doing well. Brian
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    Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis

    Just noticed my Nicaraguensis have some eggs again. If I can get motivated this weekend will try for some pics. Until then here are a few older pics of the pair. Brian
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