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    Faucet Adapter For Water Changer Doesn't Fit.

    So, I just bought a house, YAY!! But, my aqueon water changer, which worked great at the apartment doesn't fit at my house. I unscrew the aerator on my faucet, and it is TOO small for the water changer adapter to fit. I found a small faucet adapter made by python (I'm not opposed to switching...
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    Buying Gently Used Products--Should I?

    Someone on another fish forum is selling the following items: 36" aqueon dual t5 lamp with 2 daylight 6500k bulbs 75$ new, 45$ shipped 36" Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 all accessories 130$ new, 100$ plus shipping Max min c02 reactor with the needed accessories to make it work with standard...
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    Older Model Fluval New in Box--is iit any Good?

    I havea 125 gallon tank in my parents' basement that I plan to set up soon. I plan to use two canister filters on it (freshwater tanK). I hadn't decided on exactly which model(s) to use, but when I was taking inventory of my stuff. I noticed that there was a Fluval 404 canister filter new in...
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    Filtration and Heater advice for a 125 gallon tank

    I am moving soon-- I am buying a house!! Finally, I will be able to set up my large fish tank. YAY! So, I am trying to figure out the best type of filtration/heater to use for this tank. I plan to run two canister filters, and two in line heaters (one on each filter). What are the best...
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    Lost my Angel Fish--random mini cycle, why?

    I'm not exactly a beginner, but I'm not sure where else to post this. Tuesday night at supper, I looked over to the tank and noticed my angelfish was not doing well at all. She (my roommate named her lexie, we really didn't know her gender), was lying on her side, gasping and not moving much...
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