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  1. BlackSkirtTetra

    Completely/Evenly Random Discussion 2: The Randomer Discussion

    I know that the tank water contains very little Beneficial bacteria, but that’s the only thing that comes to mind. Could the leaves be holding some sort of bacteria on them? Bacteria can form in many different places. Anyways if you have fish there its probably a good thing that the tank is...
  2. BlackSkirtTetra

    Completely/Evenly Random Discussion 2: The Randomer Discussion

    Perhaps it cycled faster than you thought. How long have you had it?
  3. BlackSkirtTetra

    Tired of making mistakes

    All I can say was this was just the result of an Uncycled tank. If you keep regular water changes, it should reduce the impact the water quality has on your fish.
  4. BlackSkirtTetra

    Sick Serpae Tetra - need recommendations TIA

    Is it affecting any other fish? If it doesn’t it could be some sort of genetic disorder. I would just keep watching to see if any of the other fish are affected. And than see if it is infectious, and than formulate the next step.
  5. BlackSkirtTetra

    Will guppy siblings breed?

    If you choose to keep breeding make sure to add new DNA every once in a while, otherwise deformities will start to form. This can be as simple as adding one or two guppies.
  6. BlackSkirtTetra

    Keeping cats out of fish tanks?

    If it is harnessed tightly it should work. But I believe a tank lid would be better. With a mesh, if a cat stood on it, the harness might give way and let the cat fall in. The reptile mesh was to keep animals in not out, but than again it depends on how tightly it is harnessed.
  7. BlackSkirtTetra

    Cory possibly losing some fin

    I would try a softer substrate if you think it may be impacting long term health. But if the substrate doesn’t have many sharp or rough edges, it should be fine.
  8. BlackSkirtTetra

    Terrible present

    As said before it is best to prize the health of the established fish, before that of the new arrivals. The guppies may have been previously diseased. I’d set up another tank just to QT them and make sure the rest of your stick doesn’t get infected.
  9. BlackSkirtTetra

    Wild-life photos

    I didn’t realize that hedgehogs can eat cat food!
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