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  1. luna

    new cory mom, eating question

    I've got 3 peppered cories (with a female betta, and they're getting along fine), who are sporadically active, and like to rest in weird ways, but that doesn't concern me (I've seen other posts by pepper parents that make this part seem normal). My main question/concern is how often they'll eat...
  2. luna

    *sigh of relief*

    You all should know this feeling. I never feel quite right (i.e. stressed, obsessively nervous) until I see my new babies eat, and taste-testing daphnia doesn't count. My new little girl just ate a few pellets, and I feel so much better. Also, that's all it took for her to equate me with food. I...
  3. luna

    Good News, Bad News

    Good news: I'm taking care of fish again. Bad news: They're not mine and they're not bettas.
  4. luna

    Taking over care of large community tank.

    Okay, so I've been roped back into fishkeeping, and it's not even MY tank! At least I can put my equipment and test kit to good use... This is a large tank in the Science building at my school, and the tank's been horribly neglected. Today, I volunteered to take care of it, since no one else...
  5. luna

    Just checking in

    Well, I still don't have another fishie, which is okay for now...I'm really busy with school stuff. I have 6 classes - a total of 16 credits - and participate in 7 clubs. Overachiever. Busy. My mid-semester GPA is 4.0. Busy. Just wanted you all to know that I'm doing well.
  6. luna

    Kappa died today.

    All of a sudden yesterday, she started being unusually still and lethargic, but would "wake up" and swim around and eat, so I thought maybe she'd been jarred accidentally when I cleaned her tank...but this morning she was barely moving, and died while I was out. I just got home and found her...
  7. luna

    Kappa's fins are all ratty!

    Out of nowhere my girl seems to have developed finrot, or something very much like it! > :'( Her fins are ratty at the edges, and she's got a hole in one. I'm giving her extra vita-chem and can medicate her, but I'v only got Maracyn Plus, and I don't know what else I can do for her. Any ideas?
  8. luna

    3 days until I leave for school!

    I've been slowly packing up everything, and I move to the school on Saturday. I don't know if the wireless network they've got requires a password, so I don't know when I'll be back online. I've got my soft-sided cooler, the styrofoam cooler, and fishie bags to move Kappa, and I've been...
  9. luna

    Kappa's getting worse!

    Well, the growth on Kappa's chin is still huge and disturbing, but now she's selectively not using her left flipper. For about as long as she's had the growth on her chin, she's had a small pale bump right at the base of her left flipper (think Popeye and his funny-looking bulgy muscles), but...
  10. luna

    The bump on Kappa's chin won't get better or go away!

    At first, I thought it was a bruise from banging into her food scoop, but it's been there for a long time now, and won't get better or go away. I tried the Maracyn Plus I have, to see if it was something I could treat without having to buy something else, but I don't really know what it is. I...
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