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  1. cognizant

    Back to the Roots 3g Betta Aquaponics Water Garden

    My husband gave this to me for my birthday. Has anyone had any luck with it? I'm hoping the fish does well in it. If not, I suppose it's a good excuse to get another tank.a
  2. cognizant

    Worms hiding in the gravel.

    During a water change yesterday we noticed worms in the gravel. I have never had this before. I have always been so on top of the fish tank. Before my son was born we did 2 water changes a week. Now, we do them about once every other week. I called the LFS and they said to buy some clown...
  3. cognizant

    Mystery Snails Breeding like Rabbits

    So, my husband decided that we needed some snails in our 55 gallon tank to help manage the algae (I just noticed about 90% of my stories start with "So, my husband..."). He purchased 6 of them. They got to work on the algae right away, and the glass and decor in the tank has never been...
  4. cognizant

    What is wrong with my Roseline Shark?

    Any idea what is causing this? Water parameters are fine.
  5. cognizant

    Long Overdue 55g Update

    Having an infant is making it harder and harder to post updates and I find my absences on here to be longer and longer as well. As I am trying to make this update my 8 month old son is stealing the mouse and trying to eat it. But I love him immensely and am enjoying watching him grow and evolve...
  6. cognizant

    55 Gallon Tank What else can I add?

    My 55 gallon currently has 1 angelfish, 8 black skirt tetras, and 2 clown plecos. Would I be able to add a school of Congo tetras? Or would that be overstocked?
  7. cognizant

    Perplexed... Any Ideas?

    So on Monday I found one of my Corydora dead in my 55 gallon tank. I quickly removed it from the tank, tested the water (0, 0, <20), and did a water change just in case. I re-aquascaped the tank, moving the plants around during the water change so I could do a thorough cleaning. On...
  8. cognizant

    Wild Aquarium... Not Sure What I Think Of It

    Found this video on YouTube about a guy who goes around to different places and build aquarium aquascapes using only what he finds in the wild water. Not sure what I think of it. Opinions? Would any of you ever attempt this?
  9. cognizant

    Our Puppy "Helps" Plant an Apple Tree

    Found this video from when my husband was still my fiance and he was trying to plant an apple tree in the yard this past spring. Our youngest dog is ridiculously adorable and annoying in it.
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