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    10 Gallon Tank Momo is being silly..

    Momo is Silver's (female) roomate in a divided 10 galllon. I put a few live plants in their tank a few weeks go and one of the mellon plants lost a nice big leaf and of course it floated to the top of the tank. So cute little Momo decided it would be a great idea to show me that he can make a...
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    New Betta swimming on his side at top of tank

    I brought home a new Betta today but when I got home he started to swim on his side at the he sick or stressed from the move from the LFS to home and how do I help him?
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    Disinfect my 5 gallon

    Its been a few days since my heart breaking loss of my two Bettas, Rags and Shimmer . I think that I'm ready to face the empty tank and break it down for disinfecting. I'm not sure what illness took over.. Where do I start and what products do I use. I have never had to break down a tank and...
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    I was just wondering how often you feed your pride and joys! I feed mine twice a day...8am and 8:30 pm.
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    5 Gallon Tank another issue to deal with...

    Rags has been quite the cute betta, but makes me worry on a constant basis. This morning when I went in to check on him he was shoved in the cornner and I thought he was dead. So I moved the plant and he went to the top for some air (whew), but I noticed something white on the tip of his mouth...
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    5 Gallon Tank Betta Fins stuck together?!

    I went into my son's room to check on his betta and Jazz's tail fins are stuck together from the bottom to about half way up. What is this and what do I do to fix it? I don't see any other sign of illness and his water is in perfect condition with his water temp sitting at 80.
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    Rags made a...

    BUBBLE NEST, a small one but he made one in the back of his tank. He is a big boy now showing off to his roomie cute!
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    10 Gallon Tank Too adorable for words!!

    I finally got my two dwarf puffers! They are so tiny, no bigger than my thumb nail..They seem to enjoy each others company following each other around. I feed them some bloodworms but they did not eat them. I'm sure they just need a little time to adjust (I hope that is all).. They are happly...
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    Update on Silver

    Silver was about 1.5in when I got her 3wks ago and she has grow to at least 2in now and her colors are darker and more vibrant. Last night I moved Silver into the livingroom from the hallway when I did her water change and put her next to my big comfy chair...she is watching me type and...
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    55 Gallon Tank Petco Adoption

    Today I was walking around Petco and I saw a fishy who looked and I wanted him, he was in the adoption tank and I brought him home and named him Ace. Ace is a large Black Lyretail Molly. He is so cute, I have never had his type of Molly before, hopefully we will be great friends! The best...
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