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  1. toosie

    Anyone need a laugh?

    So... the Windows Tech Support... yeah, you know the ones, just called me. As I proceeded to give him the brushoff, he told me I have a "lovely voice". I told him "thank you" and said, "that's the best compliment I've had all day!" Do you know what he said next? I love you! Isn't that a...
  2. toosie

    The Ammonia Test

    I’ve asked a couple of members to do a series of ammonia tests. I’ve decided to start this thread in order to explain the motivation behind these requests, and to invite any other members interested in participating in the testing to post your results here so that we may all learn something...
  3. toosie

    60% of fish sold for new aquarium die within 30 days?

    The following article claims, "Statistically, as much as 60% of the fish sold for a new aquarium will die within the first 30 days. 2 out of every 3 new aquarists abandon the hobby within the first year." I have no problem believing this statement, but reading it did disturb me. How do you...
  4. toosie

    Stocking Discus

    HI guys! I'm wanting to stock some discus in my 85G, and I'd love some opinions on how many I might be able to have. I already have 5 Wild Blue Rams, 11 cardinals, 2 kuhli, 8 cory catfish, 9 otos, 1 farlowella cat, Plants include; Amazon Swords, Aponogetons, Micro Sword, Dwarf Baby Tears...
  5. toosie

    Growth on Wild Blue Ram

    HI everybody! Can anybody tell me what this is on my Blue Ram's face? He's had it for about 2 months, and it keeps getting bigger. It started out as popeye, so I put him into quarantine and treated him with maracyn and maracyn II. Soon this growth started to appear, and I treated him for...
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