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  1. KittieKat


    again with the reptile sand. honestly I wouldnt use gravel for any pet (but fish), hermit crabs MAYBE even then I would be nervous tho some benefits of the rep sand is that if they injest it, it won't harm them. infact many companies have added vitamins and minerals that can help aid your...
  2. KittieKat


    if I were you i'd stick with reptile sand. they have very soft bodies and it isn't very safe to have gravel. plus they are more desert-like than other lizards so would more naturally live in sandy areas. is an awesome website to use for research! great suggestion Amanda!!
  3. KittieKat

    Bumble Bee Gobys

    when they are placed in groups they actually get into scuffles. nothing that would hurt one another, truly interesting to watch but they protect their territory. generally 2 or more is a good idea in a decent sized tank because they are always looking for another bumble to come on their...
  4. KittieKat

    Congo Tetras are scrappers

    theyre like a fishy mafia...
  5. KittieKat

    Help Sick Betta!!!

    thanks for all the suggestions everyone.. and hes a happy little fishie still
  6. KittieKat

    Help Sick Betta!!!

    UPDATE!!!... a very late one! he is still alive and kicking... and the one side of his body is no longer as it was. the swelling went away and all I did was a water change to solve it all. -----> the medication didnt seem to be working so I decided to do a water change and add new carbon...
  7. KittieKat

    My New Betta :)

  8. KittieKat

    Help Sick Betta!!!

    I have had this male betta for a year now and everything has been great. of all my bettas he appeared to be the strongest when it came to fighting against any sort of illness. until about 4 days ago I woke up to see him pine-coneing. I figured dropsy so ive been treating him for the last four...
  9. KittieKat

    Look what Miami Aquariums has Allie!

    the white girl looks exactly like my little girl.. clear fins n all. cute!
  10. KittieKat

    Betta crazy, bought 3 girl bettas

    I have 6 girls together and they show no aggression.. different aged/sized bettas even. 2 younger babies and 4 adult girls. they like to watch the lizard and its food (flightless fruit flies) in the tank next to them more than they do anything else.. or pick on the snails, another hobby of...
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