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    Feeder shrimp..what type ?

    In December I cycled my 65 g tank and in January while I was planting it out I picked up 10 feeder shrimp from Petco to help clean up. They all died or disappeared within two weeks but one was berried. Today while doing a water change I found 6 new shrimplings. Does anyone know what type of...
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    What is on my Black Devil Spike

    I noticed this small wiggly patch sunday on the back of my snails shell, but when I took him out to check it was gone. I was trimming plants and assumed it was debris. But today he was hanging on the glass and now its on his foot. Any ideas...Thanks
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    Ken's Crumbles & Granules

    I recently stocked my tank with neon green rasboras ( kubotai) and I am feeding freeze dried brine shrimp. I need to hydrate and stir it till it's very fine for them to get it in their mouth. No lumps! I am looking at Ken's Crumbles & Granules but it comes in a variety of sizes. What size would...
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    Cycling done? what next

    I'm at 8 weeks cycling using Dr Tim's, I dosed 25 drops in a 65 g waited 2 hours and tested .50 am added another 25 and called it a night. retested 12 hours later 0 Am and 1 ppm nitrite. retested after work at 24 hours 0.0.0. GH11 KH 1 Ph 8 tds 274. Where do I go from here, keep dosing lightly...
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    Banana leaves

    Are banana leaves beneficial in a shrimp tank for bio. In place of Indian almond I have several 14 to 16 foot trees I need to clear out for the winter. Thanks
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    Stocking a new tank

    HI everyone, I'm currently getting to the end of my fishless cycle! I have my tank about half planted and I almost ready to start assembling my cleanup crew. This will be mainly a neocaradina tank with snails and a few tetras. I'm thinking nerite snails with a few black spikes for substrate...
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