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  1. BlackSkirtTetra

    Dollar a Gallon

    Quick Question: When is the dollar a gallon tank sale at petsmart/petco?
  2. BlackSkirtTetra

    Amazon Swords and fish waste

    I’m just wondering, could accumulating fish waste be used as fertilizer for amazon swords? They feed heavily by roots and if the waste sinks into the gavel I don’t see why not. Anyone know if this could work?
  3. BlackSkirtTetra

    Crazy Fears

    What is something you guys fear that is actually kind of silly to fear it when you say it out loud? I’ll go first: Axolotls. I have no clue why, but they just creep me out. Their smiling faces and all that.
  4. BlackSkirtTetra

    2.5 Gallon Betta Tank

    I recently got a 2.5 gallon tank and after waiting a week for it to cycle it was finally ready. The readings were 0,0,<1. So I added a Half moon betta! Here he is: AE4674B6-883A-49AF-A561-114AF1CAD4BD by BlackSkirtTetra posted Oct 6, 2019 at 6:07 PM 24FF1ED5-9452-4295-846E-6818CB9FE595 by...
  5. BlackSkirtTetra

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone! I kind of just found this category, so here I am. I take care of 2 freshwater tanks(15 gl, 5.5 gl). And I’ve had a couple years of experience. I’ve taken care of Platies, BlackSkirtTetras, Ghost Shrimp, and Crabs. The only plants I take care of are Marimo Moss Balls. But I am...
  6. BlackSkirtTetra

    Aggressive Platy

    I have multiple 8 Platies in my 15 gallon tank, and one of the males is being very aggressive lately. He has never been aggressive before but now he seems to be fin nipping and driving everyone away. It appears to be stressing out my fish and any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Information...
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