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    Puffer Recognizes this normal?

    Hey guys, I've noticed that when I come over to Woody's tank and talk to him, he swims over and watches me. If I say "woody, come here", he actually comes over. Have any of you had this happen with your puffers? Sticky fish
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    Marble sailfin pleco

    Does anyone know about marble sailfin plecos? I saw one at Kahoots today and he is beautiful. He's brown, black, and army green. Dad and I took him home and he is acclimating to his new home. We named him Neeble after the troublemaking worm from MIB 2, and his other tank mates are a goldfish...
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    What sports do you play

    Just curious...
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    Mystery pleco update

    All right, it's been a while since I inherited my "mystery pleco". He is doing well and loves to sit with his belly over the bubble wand thingy and get a massage from it. He's a big boy, about 25 cm 9 or 10 inches. He seems to enjoy eating driftwood and loafing about on the bottom of the...
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    my mystery pleco

    hey there i'm brand new to this site and I just moved in to a new house. The previous owner left a scum filled tank behind with a 91/2 inch pleco in it. I gave the tank a good scrubbing and changed the water, is there anything else I should do to make him happy beside feed him and give him...
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