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  1. ChuthuluFish

    How Many Small Tetras Would You Recomend?

    1. How many black neon tetras should I buy at the fish store today. 2. How many could I hold. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 25-35 nitrate 10 gallon medium to heavily planted. 1 sad tetra survivor who needs friends. Also I only have a 5 gallon quarintine, and they will be there a week or 2. Can I...
  2. ChuthuluFish

    Can I Get Some Emergency Help.

    Around the middle of summer I got 7 black neon tetras. Then last month I got 2 live bearers. A few day after o got them I noticed a single speck of ick. Turned the temp up and it was gone. Now 2 and a half weeks later it's back. it took 4/7 of my tetras. And has 1 livebearer and 1 mabey or 2...
  3. ChuthuluFish

    What Fish For Beginner/school Aquarium

    I HIGHLY recommend black neon tetras. The same bunch has survived everything. From 2 failed cycles. 2 complete tank re starts.1 minI cycle, And ick Twice, In a cycle process. Its eather I got hardy and or imortal bunch of fish. Or these fish are generally hardy
  4. ChuthuluFish

    Can I Use 100% Cotton On My Sponge Filter?

    Ok. : ( thanks for the extra knowledge though.
  5. ChuthuluFish

    Can I Use 100% Cotton On My Sponge Filter?

    So is that a yes or a know or a mabey
  6. ChuthuluFish

    Can I Use 100% Cotton On My Sponge Filter?

    I was watching some videos. Including LifeWithPets and they all said use 100% polyester and not cotton. if I can't use it does any one know why?
  7. ChuthuluFish

    The People In Our Hobby

    I'm definitely a level five
  8. ChuthuluFish

    My New Platys!

    Well now that there settled in. Ill add more photos like I promised. Also thanls for all the love. I finally named the peppered one baby ruth, And the koI patterned one kit kat. Named after candy
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