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    Here's a new algae I've never seen before

    So... just when I thought I knew all the algae types... I get this stuff: I see the "green spot" algae on the front glass, that's easy to clean... and I see a little bit of the hair algae on the dwarf sag leaves... but that olive green "fuzz" is new to me. And I haven't found anything online...
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    Please help. No idea why this is happening to my betta

    I'm not giving up. I just meant that I feel really bad and am disappointed that I don't know what I thought I did. I'll of course do everything I can to keep the remaining fish happy and healthy. I ran out and bought Seachem Prime... I'll test the water every day. Any other suggestions...
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    Please help. No idea why this is happening to my betta

    I'll be handing in my aquarium hobbyist card. :( Admittedly I'd never had that problem before. I grew out the plants (and snails) for almost 3 months while testing water parameters weekly... and added the fish over the course of 3 weeks again checking parameters. I had just checked Saturday...
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    Please help. No idea why this is happening to my betta

    I think you are right... I was being fast with the result... after the 5 minutes, it's higher than .25. Like I said, I lost some neons to the ich... and it's a heavily, heavily planted tank so there's a solid chance at least 1 hid and I cannot see it and it's boosting my amonia. I'm doing an...
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    Please help. No idea why this is happening to my betta

    Hi. I might be too late. :( My betta just suddenly became super ill, sank to the bottom and stayed up-side down. He's breathing, and occasionally swims erratically before sinking. Prior to 15 minutes ago he was hanging in the back corner with his mouth on the surface since last night. No...
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    Get rid of unwanted snails

    Can I ask where you found the Sera Snail trap? Those seem to be sold out absolutely everywhere! :( I'm in the same boat... heavily planted understocked tank... there's a snail every square inch, I kid you not.
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    Need some advice on these plants

    Yes, 9.2% K2O. Actually the highest ingredient... Nitrogen is only 2.7% And no fish in the one tank... just an obscene number of bladder snails. :-/ in a tank I don't feed.
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    Brown Algae will not go away

    How many hours per day do you keep the lights on?
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    Need some advice on these plants

    I have Bacopa Caroliniana planted in two aquariums. The stuff grows so fast, and is mostly bright green. I'd think it was healthy except many of the leaves have jagged holes. Here's a picture: I also have S. Repens which has even larger holes and blackening at the edges. The Ludwigia SP...
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    Is this still S. Repens?

    So now that I've researched Ludwigia Needle Leaf, I think I understand more how I did this. lol. Right now these 6 stems look drastically different than the surrounding S. Repens and I couldn't figure out how I could have ever mistaken it as the same plant. But after researching it, I...
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