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  1. SuperMon

    Mystery Snail Laying Eggs?

    Noticed my snail next to egg sac like object, but its below water and they don't look like the s I researched for a clutch to look like. Are these infertile eggs? Should I remove them or move them above the water line? New to snails . . .I know they can reproduce even when the lone snail, I had...
  2. SuperMon

    Upgrading From Starter Kit In Top Fin Essential 29

    So I got this kit and I have no idea what light wattage it has, I've tried looking around, maybe I overlooked it, but I've concluded it's not enough. I want to upgrade to a system to medium lighting I currently house Amazon Sword (1 main, 2 leaflets), 2 java moss balls, marimo ball, some...
  3. SuperMon

    Are Both Of These False Julii Corydoras?

    I got a couple corydoras from petsmart 2 weeks ago, 3 juliI (most likely false from what I hear) and 2 albino after being told they would school even though they had different coloring. They don't really and despite having black sand I like how the juliI look more so I decided to get more. Sadly...
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