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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    Can anyone tell me ehat type of algae this is.
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    How to sex amano shrimp

    My girlfriend just got some amano shrimp is there any way to sex them.
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    Using Concrete To Fix A Broken Waterfall

    My girlfriend has a pond with 2 commet goldfish in it that has a waterfall that leaks alot. Like enough water that they have to fill it up daily. So I was wondering if I could tear out the old broken concrete that leaks and just build a whole new waterfall. Or would the new concrete chemicals...
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    Eco Complete Opinions?

    I have been considering getting eco complete for my 10 gallon tank. But seing some bad reviews on amazon I wanted a your guys opinions on it.I just don't want to kill my fish
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    Tannins In Fry Tank

    Was thinking about getting some spider wood for in my fry tank. And the last piece of wood I got released a lot of I was just wondering if the tannins are good/bad for the fry.
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    Any Recomended Aquarium Substrate

    Thinking about getting a planted substrate and was windering if anyone recomeds a certain kind.
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    Temperature Of Grow Out Tank

    Recently my platie had around 70 fry so I bought a 10 gallon grow out tank. And so I was wondering what temperature it should be set at.
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    How Long Will Seeded Filter Media Last Out Of The Filter

    I'm going to be transporting my filter media to my girlfriends tank. But I have to wait tell after I get off work will it survive in my truck in a bucket of tank water for about 9 hrs.
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    How Far Would You Travel From Lfs With New Fish

    Was wondering how far is to far to travel to buy fish. 45 min to an hour?
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    Adding Sand To Gravel With Plants

    So my girlfriend wanted to add sand to her gravel for her corys that she will get. But there is plants in the gravel and I know that you have to stir the sand to get gas out of it. So how do you do this without messing up the plants every time you do a water change. There are no fish in there at...
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