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  1. potter

    Update On Capt. America's Swim Bladder Issues

    Just thought to give an update on my betta’s swim bladder issues and share what I did so someone else may benefit from it. We are 3 weeks in and I’m happy to say that he’s finally feeling better! A video to follow! I lowered his tank water to 3 gallon and I had to macguyver his filter. He was...
  2. potter

    This Is Long-swim Bladder Issues

    My betta, Captain America was adopted from a previous owner who kept him in a dirty bowl and fed him some low quality flakes. The day I got him, his container was filled with flakes that they threw in sigh. I now have him in a 5 gallon, heated and very gently filtered tank and no other fish...
  3. potter

    Is This Duckweed Or Frogbit?

    Got this from someone online today. Are these frogbit or duckweed? That's my thumb for size comparison. I don't want duckweed in my tank. The last time I had it it was a nightmare to remove.
  4. potter

    Betta Tank Decision

    So I'm taking in a betta from someone that has been too busy with school and work. He lives in a 10 gallon with guppies and RCS at the moment and is as docile as can be. Question is, I do have a spare 10 gallon but he'd be in one of the rooms where I won't be able to spend much time with the...
  5. potter

    Finrot? Added Driftwood.

    I added driftwood to my betta's tank. I did the nylon sock test and sanded whatever I could to make it safe. Does my betta's fins look okay? He's my first halfmoon and I'm not sure if I did a good enough job on the driftwood sanding.
  6. potter

    Rescue Or Not?

    Lately I've came across couple posts on kijijI of people rehoming their bettas and one of which was a pair of male and female in a very small divided tank. I really wanted to get the 2 out of there but I'm up to my eyeball with managing my senior dog with medical issues, 2 birds, and I do...
  7. potter

    Betta And Driftwood

    Does driftwood affects your betta in any negative way at all? Or do they prefer some driftwood in their tank. Thanks.
  8. potter

    What Type Of Driftwood?

    I bought this piece of driftwood 10 years ago and I can't remember anymore what type it is. Can anyone please tell me if you know? Thinking of putting it in my betta tank. Also, I'm cycling my 5 gallon tank right now. Should I put the driftwood in there after I acclimatize my fish a few weeks...
  9. potter

    5 Gallon Unfiltered Question

    For those that has one betta with no other inhabitants in a 5 gallon unfiltered tank because your fish doesn't like the current no matter how much you baffle it, how much and how often do you change the water? I also have a good 1-2" PFS in there as well and 6 good size Marimo moss balls...
  10. potter

    2 Questions

    So I have a 2.5 gallon right now with my betta in it on my washroom countertop. It's the best spot I have right now where I can see him more and is able to change the water easily. I do have some marimo moss balls sitting around. I would like to put them in there but I do find that they make the...
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