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    Help! Sick Fish?

    help! shes been scratching so ive been treating her with Fish Bendazole are these white spots scabs from scratching or does she have a fungus? no mouth fungus, tail or fin rot. so that's good.
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    Please Help Sick Fish

    symptoms: shiny scales, itching, (no white spots), white tuffs/fuzz patches on body followed by fin rot. what is it and how can I treat ? I have scaleless fish and invertebrates in the tank so the medications can't interfear with them. this is how it starts shiny itchy scales and a white...
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    Just Ordered These Beautiful Guys And Gals =]

    I pregnant pink magenta 2 female multI delta one male multI delta and one full metal lace female . the males are more colorful that's why the males are shown in my pictures.
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    Nsfw Sick Fish Please Help

    is this columnaris? it has passed. ive lost 3 in the past 24hrs please help symptoms started 4 days and progressed this fast. carbon filter is out cleaned the tank did 100% water change added apI ick cure apI fungus cure marineland all-in-one and melafix oh I also added drtims to try and add...
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    Help! Sick Fish

    I noticed white patches not spots on my guppies so I treated with apI super ick cure woke up the next morning and my guppies tail was completely shredded so I cleaned the tank did 100% water change added apI super ick cure and apI fungus cure (that's why the water is green) does anybody know...
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    What Type Of Guppy?

    what type of guppy is this ive never seen one before & I think ive narrowed it down to Metal Head type guppy. This guppy carries the Y-link traits for the Gun Metal head and snakeskin. or tuxedo guppy with spotted fins? here he is in all his beautifulness
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    Looking For Guppy Fry Advice

    this is the first time raising guppy fry I have some that are 9 days old and some that are 3 days old. I would like more information on growth rates when they get their colors etc.. does anyone know of a guppy fry journal or growth/color chart. currently they are receiving 50% water changes...
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    Please Help With Tanks

    1.5 gallon for fry 5 gallon overstocked with guppies, endlers, and a pleco. a 20 gallon that I need to know everything about to get it set up and cycled
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    Can Anyone Take A Guess At What Type Of Fry This Is?

    how many more days before ill be able to tell?
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    Less Than 24 Hours Old!

    I'm a mommy of 7 =]
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