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  1. Florence

    Giant Danios And Blood Parrot

    I currently have a single blood parrot and small common pleco (5 inches) in my 55 gallon. I purchased him knowing he would need a bigger tank, with the goal being a 125 gallon as his final home. I plan on moving both of them to the 125 in the next year or two, and was wondering if I could stock...
  2. Florence

    29 Gallon Tank Rummy Noses Dying One By One

    Hi I have a moderately planted 29 gallon established tank. A month ago I purchased 7 rummy noses from my LPS and introduced them after the acclamation period. I dosed some prime to help ease the stress and for the next few days everything was fine. (Water levels never spiked). After 3 days one...
  3. Florence

    Holly Bush Root In An Aquarium?

    While doing yard work I came across an attractive piece of holly bush root that would look great in my bettas ten gallon. I was wondering if this would be okay? I tried looking it up but I couldn't find anything on whether its dangerous or not. The root is completely dried, so no sap or anything.
  4. Florence

    Female Blood Parrot Aggression?

    For the past 4 years I have kept a male and female pair of blood parrots. They got along splendidly and never fought. During this time both the female and the male where incredibly docile and took food from hand. Then 3 months ago the male passed suddenly overnight to health complications, and...
  5. Florence

    3 Gallon Walstad Bowl Help

    I've recently set up a Walstad type 3 gallon bowl that I plan to stock with some shrimp some time in the future. I used lowes natural bagged soil and bdbs for a cap. It currently only has water wisteria and some hornwort. What other plants could I add to it that can grow in low light? Also, a...
  6. Florence

    Light For Planted Aquarium

    I was looking for a cheaper alternative for lighting a planted tank, and after looking through some posts here and on the planted tank forum I came across cfl bulbs. 23-26 watt bulbs seemed to work. The only place around here that carried cfl bulbs was a tractor supply and they only had two...
  7. Florence

    Nicrew Led Lighting Level

    In the middle of december I purchased a nicrew led light for my just planted amazon swords in my 29 gallon, and the growth was explosive. I'm talking growing over a foot in three weeks without ferts or tabs. I bought 3 little amazon swords, about 6 inches each with 3-4 leaves, and now, two...
  8. Florence

    55 Gallon Tank Blood Parrot Companions?

    I've had a male/female pair of blood parrots for years in a 55 gallon tank. They got along great, no aggression towards each other. I recently upgraded my filters from HOBs to a canister filter(same media used, nothing lost), and changed my gravel to PFS due to the amount of waste getting lost...
  9. Florence

    55 Gallon Tank Canister Filter Help With Blood Parrots?

    Hello, I'm currently running two fluval 70 HOBs on my 55 gallon cichlid tank which houses two blood parrots. The filters work exceptionally and the water is always crystal clear and with perfect parameters. My only complaint is how much noise they make. Even filled to the brim, the noise is...
  10. Florence

    29 Gallon Tank How Many Fish To Add At One Time?

    Hello, I have a planted 29 gallon (amazon swords, anubias) aquarium that I've had up and running for two months now. I'm using a Sunsun hw-302 canister filter which I've filled with established media from one of my other tanks in order to jump start the process. Everything is in the acceptable...
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