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  1. ~Matt~

    40 Gallon Tank Quick Question About My Tank Stocking

    Hey all! I currently have 4 blue gouramI and 1 red tail shark in my 45 gallon aquarium. How many more gourami, if any could I add?
  2. ~Matt~

    40 Gallon Tank Could Someone Please Sex My Pleco?

    My friend gave it to me and I’ve never had one before.
  3. ~Matt~

    40 Gallon Tank Blue Gourami

    Just got my 4th blue gouramI for my 45 gallon tank. They all get along great, even though their all females. What do you think?
  4. ~Matt~

    Fish For 125

    I got a 125 gallon tank and was looking to put either an Oscar or flower horn in it. What would be some good tank mates to go with either one of them?
  5. ~Matt~

    My Small Fish Are Dying

    All but two of my mollies have died as well as my cories. My water parameters are completely fine. My gouramI and pleco seem heathy as well. What could’ve happened?
  6. ~Matt~

    My Mollies Have Been Picking At My Gouramis

    They just started this yesterday, and I don’t know why. Two of them are doing it, the others are not. Should I be concerned?
  7. ~Matt~

    150 Gallon Tank Ideas For 150 Gallon

    I recently found a 150 gallon aquarium on eBay for $170, so I decided to pick it up. It’s been set up for about 3 weeks now and I think it’s time to add some fish, I’m just not sure what. I was looking to have a somewhat nonaggressive tank with a centerpiece fish (Oscar, flowerhorn, giant...
  8. ~Matt~

    Where Can You Buy A 125 Gallon Aquarium For A Somewhat Low Price?

    I saw that PetSmart had one with a stand and hood for $500, but I wasn’t looking to get a stand. Are there websites where I can buy new tanks for less than $500? Thanks in advance.
  9. ~Matt~

    150 Gallon Tank Oscar Tank Idea

    Would this stocking work for a 150 or 160 gallon aquarium? One Albino Oscar Two Eclipse Catfish Seven Black Convict Cichlids Three Jack Dempsey Cichlids If not, don’t be afraid to call me an idiot and explain why, lol. Thanks!
  10. ~Matt~

    40 Gallon Tank Tank Overhaul, Thoughts/ideas?

    I recently overhauled my 45 gallon aquarium here are the before and after pictures: I also ordered a 3D background, new plants, and rocks from Universal Rocks that are still on the way. Any ideas for stocking (non-schooling fish)? Here’s my current: 3 Opaline Gourami 4 Corydoras 1 BN...
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