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  1. Quiche

    Emergency, lost two mollies

    I second the advice above, do a WC and double the Prime. Would you be able to get a picture of the bodies? What other inhabitants are in the tank, and how have they been affected, if at all? What temperature is the tank at? If you've got the time, see if you can fill out the emergency template...
  2. Quiche

    Guppy Fry Color?

    Hey, congrats on the fry! My platy fry are all born a faint shade of yellow, some paler and some richer, regardless of what they turn into later (red wag, iridescent, twin bar), so I assume yours will color up later too.
  3. Quiche

    Polar Blue Parrotfish laying egg

    Hello, welcome to the forum! It's great that you recognize that you probably won't be able to care for all those fish and are planning on rehoming them. Back to the topic, though - as for the eggs, this might seem harsh but I really think you should consider freezing/destroying them ASAP...
  4. Quiche

    310 gallon build and 55 gallon quarantine tank

    Woah! I'm excited to see that pack of clown loaches! Are you getting small ones to watch them grow or going straight for adults?
  5. Quiche

    Came across this site( a lot of info)

    This gives me a pretty skeevy feel. On the home page, the author says he's a "degreed chemist" with 43 patents, but doesn't provide a C.V., and then proceeds to defend himself for not providing proof of his claim – something he's constantly calling out others for. I don't want to discount him...
  6. Quiche

    10 Gallon Tank 10 gal stocking with very chill betta

    Gorgeous betta! Love the different shades of blue :) I'd actually just pick one of the tetra species and get 6 - different species of tetra might not school together, making them more stressed. Besides, 6 of the same species will look cooler than a variety pack haha.
  7. Quiche

    I don’t go anywhere without my pet goldfish

    Hello, welcome to Fishlore! I've never kept goldfish, so I'll leave health/maintenance advice to a more experienced member. One thing you could do to keep them "entertained," though, is use a laser pointer to play with them. Fish will follow lasers much like cats. I also find that my fish like...
  8. Quiche

    Anyone up north ever try an ice aquarium?

    I'm curious, what's an ice aquarium? I've never heard of them before.
  9. Quiche

    Tank in the Garage

    Hello! I'd recommend keeping it inside the house, if at all possible; a 25w heater likely isn't going to be able to heat 5 gallons to a habitable temperature if the ambient is 2C.
  10. Quiche

    Name my corydoras!

    I'm impressed that you managed to get pictures of all of them sitting (relatively) still! Here's a couple of names I came up with – (Animal themed) 1. Peacock 2. Penguin 3. Capybara 4. Orca (for his/her self esteem!) (Mineral themed) 1. Bismuth 2. Flint 3. Shale 4. Feldspar
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