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    Kuhlii color change

    When I would wake in the morning, for the past 2 mornings, I'd find one of my Kuhliis (Pangio kuhli) has turned more flesh colored with the colored patched and stripes fading away. But, when I return home frm work in the evening it would be normal again. Has anyone else dealt with this before?
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    Adding loaches with a planted tank?

    I had some dwarf baby tears along the glass in my 20 long and the three Kuhliis I have would borrow between the plants and the glass, eventually up rooting mine. I think, if you laid it out in an open area they will leave it alone.
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    Funny Things your fish do.....

    I can hear my Betta eat his food, crunch, crunch, crunch.
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    Do you name your fish?

    I have a crimson red veiltail Betta i've named "Red Dragon of the Nine Spirits a.k.a. Carl". Two Forktail Rainbows named "Burns & Allen" and I have 8 Lampeyed Killis I collectively call "The Crazy 8".
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