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  1. Quiche

    Ulcer? "Bleeding Heart" Platy (pictures attached)

    Hello! Hope you're doing well. A month ago, I noticed that the frontal torso right below the gills of my female platy was looking sort of pointed and odd. Well, no big deal, I thought. Platies are always pregnant, and sometimes pregnant platies are boxy shaped, so I figured it'd go back to...
  2. Quiche

    Highway Goldfish: What to do?

    Hello all! A friend of a friend passes by a puddle/pond sort of thing by the side of a highway on their drive to work every day. Two months ago, they realized that someone had dumped their comet goldfish in it. My friend, nicknamed "Frittata" for the sake of this thread, told me about this. For...
  3. Quiche

    Tanks in University?

    Hello all! I've been feeling a bit down lately about university and my tanks. I'm a high school junior (2nd to last year before university) with a 40g with a trio of axolotls and a 55g community. I'll have to get rid of them when I move to college in a year and a half, as my parents don't want...
  4. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    Hello! I'm raising some axolotl eggs and I thought you lovely folks might be interested in watching them grow while learning more about the species :) (Mods, I didn't know where exactly to put this thread, so please move it if this isn't the right spot! ... 10/09/2019 These eggs were layed 11...
  5. Quiche

    How Many Of You Actually Quarantine?

    I'm curious as to the percentage of people that actually quarantine? It depends, but usually no, because I get fish from reputable LFS- however, this (risky) practice has infected my tank with camallanus worms and ich before...
  6. Quiche

    Accidentally Left Heater On Dry

    Hi, While doing a water change I forgot to turn my heater off. This resulted in the top half of the heater being exposed to air while running. Luckily I saw it in time and turned the heater off before it was fully emerged. It didn't explode, smell burnt, or make any strange sounds, but maybe...
  7. Quiche

    21 Cherry Shrimp In A 5g, Multiple Questions

    Hi! Long story slightly less long- I bought 6 cherry shrimp from a LFS. 4 died. Water params were 0/0/10 and a ph of 8. Then I got 5 more, from a fish expo. Up until yesterday, I had 1 survivor in total. Today, I got 20 (I asked for 15 but I guess they gave me a few extra) cherry shrimp, from...
  8. Quiche

    40g Axolotl Build

    Hello all! I've loved axolotls for a few years now and I've decided to gift myself a tank for the holidays I want a pair of them- one copper and one leucistic. I'm planning on doing a bare-bottom tank, as I heard that they're really messy. I'll add some slate caves and other rock decorations...
  9. Quiche

    Is It Possible To Overfeed Shrimp?

    Hello! Can shrimp be overfed? 2 adult cherry shrimps and a 1cm shrimp managed to devour 1 NLS pellet each day for 5 days in a row. I grew increasingly concerned as I compared the size of the pellet to the size of the shrimp's digestive system. Should I feed more? Less? Their tank has a ton of...
  10. Quiche

    Anybody Going To Aquatic Experience?

    Aquatic Experience Anybody going? It's mostly vendors, but there's aquascaping competitions and some cool exhibits! Wouldn't want to miss out on the 2nd International Shrimp Contest, lol
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