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  1. Sean Smith

    Paradise Fish Breeders

    any paradise fish breeders that can ship to Georgia out here . I’d like to know how much you sell and ship them for if you can . Thanks . My oldest brother wants to start breeding paradise fish but can’t find a male without shipping being 30-45 dollars .
  2. Sean Smith

    Mystery Snail Or Large Apple Snail

    I know mystery snails are related to apple snails . And sometimes they do get mixed up,but in the state I live in , mystery snails are legal but the larger varieties of apple snails are illegal for it being a pest . So I would just like to know if this is just a large brown mystery snail or a...
  3. Sean Smith

    Half Suns And Artificial Hatching

    hey , I breed a male crowntail and a female halfmoon and hoping for half suns . May not work out but I expect them to be fairly pretty either way . But after two tries, The male ate the eggs. This time I took him out and half the eggs have hatched using a soft air flow in the sponge filter and...
  4. Sean Smith

    Selling Around Atlanta

    Hey . I'm starting a project with a friend and don't have room to keep this tank as my own experiment anymore . 25+ guppies . 5 Bettas ( most are rescues . Health good, fins are good to needing help )5+ zebra danios ( one long finned). A blue gouramI missing an eye ( rescued that way, able to...
  5. Sean Smith

    Neocardinia's Favorite Plants

    I was wondering what plants ,that don't require CO2 set up , neocardinia's love. I have found they like hygro ferns . Java moss, rotala , and fanwort . Any other plants they like besides Marimo moss balls that don't require extra fertilizers and CO2 set up ? (My guys really love java moss and...
  6. Sean Smith

    Ga Fish Clubs

    Any fish clubs in GA. Especially in the Atlanta area. Thanks for any info.
  7. Sean Smith

    Rainbowish Guppies

    hey , I have crossbreed a female red delta tail with a wild guppy male . Then took the best male from that and bred it with a female blue delta tail guppy. Is it possible to make your own strain of fancy guppies, and if so , how do you register it as yours ? I'll send pics of them soon.
  8. Sean Smith

    Multicolored Ghost Shrimp?

    I have a small ghost shrimp that 3/4ths of an inch that required me to do a lot of research of body shape and markings of a ghost shrimp just to make sure it actually was one . His body is mainly super clear but he has black stripes down his tail and black stripes and spots on his body . But he...
  9. Sean Smith

    Artificially Hatching Cherry Shrimp

    Any help on this would be appreciated . And facts on how long it might take and how it is supposed to look when eggs are progressing and near hatching . Mother died within the last couple hours and I have already taken eggs out and put them in their own container filled with the aquarium water .
  10. Sean Smith

    Little Baby Bettas And Needed Info

    hey guys . So I'm curious to see if I could change any the genetics by crossing my halfmoon with a veiltail female . Not expecting much but I'm still curious to see how how my new little babies grow up . Trying to see if I can get a spade tail genetic to show up . Soon I am going to cross my koI...
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