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  1. guppygrl

    RIP my sweet guppy and babies

    So sorry about your loss. I can relate. :-(
  2. guppygrl

    New assorted fry

    Thanks. Besides getting a little over crowded. ...things are good. Overflow getting moved to two 10 gallon tanks for my kids. The golden Molly's breed more than the guppies. ... at least the ones I have!
  3. guppygrl

    New assorted fry

    I've waited three months for my swordtails to breed but it finally happened. The fry hid in the top floating hornwort plants. A few I could see at the bottom. I have lots of plants. .. plastic and live so I know some fry have a good chance of surviving. Out of all the fry... the swordtail...
  4. guppygrl

    New assorted fry

    I found new fry today. A couple swordtaild.... two guppy fry and two Dalmatian molly fry. They are so cute! Should I wait a day before a water change or would it be ok to do my normal Saturday water change?
  5. guppygrl

    Black Phantom Showing Off!!!

    Thanks for sharing that video. What a nice looking fish! I agree, your tank looks really good!
  6. guppygrl

    Normal for Dalmatian Molly male?

    This is what Chip looked like a couple months ago.
  7. guppygrl

    Color contacts anyone?

    I have worn contacts since I was 11. I'm now a mom. I love my colour contacts. I have light green eyes so I prefer the blue ones. My fav was the turquoise ones.
  8. guppygrl

    Newbie here saying hi with some questions in mind!

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. guppygrl

    Normal for Dalmatian Molly male?

    Here are my two Dalmatian mollys. The male used to have a lot of white has turned almost completely black. Looks like black velvet . Chip is the boy...Oreo is the girl.
  10. guppygrl

    How to finish stocking my 55?

    Love the video! They are dancing!
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