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  1. fishrule101

    My convict cichlids laid eggs!!

    I went this morning to turn on the light and to my surpsie I saw them both in the back of the tank. I went to check on them and I saw the female just touching the rock then I saw the brown little eggs. They kept spawing for about ten minutes. Every-now-and-then the male will try to scare the...
  2. fishrule101

    Should I transfer tanks??

    I was thinking if it was a good idea to transfer all stuff from the 28 gallon to the 29. I was going to use the 29, but my parents won't let me. They keep saying the power will go out( we have an old house, so if too many things are turned on the power goes out). I know that one gallon won't...
  3. fishrule101

    Need help starting convict cichlid tank!!

    After much debate, I have finally decided to convert my "new" 29 gallon tank into a american cichlid tank. I was wondering is some one can help me with a few questions. How many/other fish can I keep if I have 3 convict cichlids? What is the main difference other than water parameters...
  4. fishrule101

    Don't know what to do with 29 or 30 gallon tank!!

    I just found a 29 or 30 gallon tank. It was out by the side of the road. It came with gravel and a hood. I took out the gravel and started cleaning it. Now I'm doing a leak test to make use I can use it. If the tank does work What should I do with it? Should I transfer all my stuff from the 28...
  5. fishrule101

    My 28 gallon tank

    This is a thread where that I will post updates as my tank matures or changes happen. So far there is nothing in my tank. I'm getting a green BTA this week!! I'm very excited!! I finally got a camara!! 3x turbo snails 1x margarita snail 4x Blue legged crabs
  6. fishrule101

    Need a green light on final stocking list.

    I currently have no fish. My tank is 28 gallons and is a year old. I have a ten gallon sump. I also have T-5s with 2 SlimPaq 460nm Actinic and 2 10000°K T-5 HO lamps. I do weekly, sometimes biweekly, water changes. I test the water every three days. Ammonia is always zero and so is nitrite, &...
  7. fishrule101

    BTA vs. Cody Anemone

    My tank is about to be 1 year old, and I was wanting to celebrate by buying an anemone. I have always wanted one ever since I started fish keeping. I have had mix reviews over what anemone I should get. Some say a BTA is a good choice others the cody. I read that the cody is harder to keep, but...
  8. fishrule101

    Flame angelfish question

    I was wondering, if I got a flame angelfish, what other fish could be compatible and fit in my aquarium? I have a 28 gallon tank, with a ten gallon sump. There are not currently any fish in the tank.
  9. fishrule101

    Bubbles in tank!

    I just finished making my DIY sump. It's okay so far, but I think I just need to get more LR rubble and other things and it will be better. I seem to get tiny bubbles in my main tank from my return pump. Any ideas?
  10. fishrule101

    Thinking about redoing aquascaping

    Ok, my LR is in the shape of a slope. I've been seeing other Saltwater tanks and really liked the idea of the LR on the glass like the picture shows below. The LR will also be on the right and left side of the tank. There will also be a little mount in the middle of the tank, scince I will have...
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