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  1. HeyG

    Diatom Filter?

    Years ago I got rid of my glass jar, Vortex D1 diatom filter. Then, some years later I wanted to use a diatom once again, I was able to find one, a plastic jar this time. I would like to have a second / spare 'P-4' bag, but I am unable to find one; I'd like to be able to replace one of the...
  2. HeyG

    Current USA Feshwater LED / Dual Ramp Timer

    For may, years I have used a "Perfecto" strip light on my 36 inch long, 30 gallon aquarium, controlled by a standard timer. . The timer began making a subtle, noise over the years, and the sudden, illumination of the tank would very, often startle the Black Shark, which is the only, inhabitant...
  3. HeyG

    Nitrates, Algae and 'Algone'

    I have only, a very, old, foot long, Black Shark in a 3 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot and a half deep, 29 - 30 gallon, freshwater aquarium. The housing of my old, Black Shark in the tank that I have may bring up other comments besides what I am concerned with here. I have had the shark for so, many...
  4. HeyG

    The New, Improved, Marineland Emperor 450 Pro

    There may be a some 'hoop la' surrounding the New and Improved, Marineland Emperor 450 Pro bio-wheel hang-on back filter; I thought that I would give my impression of the filter. ... I just, installed my Marineland Emperor 450 Pro today, 2-15-2020, replacing the Marineland Emperor 400 that I...
  5. HeyG

    'a large fish in a small bowl'

    I am looking to get some feed back / opinions on my situation of 'a large fish in a small bowl'. I have a 30 gallon, long, freshwater aquarium; which I have had for some, 30 plus, years. The filtration of this tank is a Marineland, Emperor 400 Bio-Wheel [hang on tank] filter; using Marineland...
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