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  1. guppygrl

    New assorted fry

    I found new fry today. A couple swordtaild.... two guppy fry and two Dalmatian molly fry. They are so cute! Should I wait a day before a water change or would it be ok to do my normal Saturday water change?
  2. guppygrl

    Normal for Dalmatian Molly male?

    Is it normal for a male Dalmatian Molly to change from looking Dalmatian to almost all black? I noticed in the last couple weeks he has been getting more and more black. He's still healthy and happy. But is this a concern or just that he's maturing? The female Dalmatian is still the same.
  3. guppygrl

    My neat male guppy

    Just took this picture of one of my fry born in October. They are growing fast and their colours are amazing! There others are half black with orange. Only a few females so far....but need a magnifying glass to be sure. They move so fast!
  4. guppygrl

    Cichlids... need info

    I'm a newbie and only have experience with guppies and now Molly and swordtails. I hear people taking about cichlids and wanted some feed back on what made you get them and what makes them a good choice for fishkeeping. Thanks.
  5. guppygrl

    It's a great day!

    I came home and found 4 fry from my sailfin Molly which I posted about her being ready any day. I let her stay in the main tank and she goes into the plants to deliver the fry. Since my tank is a hex... I have to wait for any fry to reach the surface to rescue them. I think I've managed...
  6. guppygrl

    Love my guppies!

    I'm fairly new but wanted to share a picture of one of my survived pretty guppies. She is half black with such a pretty shaped tail. I hope she grows large. I currently have no male guppies to mate with her but I do have some young fry that just started showing some nice colours to mate...
  7. guppygrl

    Live shrimp feeding frenzy

    So being new still... I've heard people talk about feeding live baby shrimp. While picking up my two new swords... I decided to buy a bag of fresh ones for my fish. They loved it! We enjoyed watching them hunt them down and eat them so quickly. Should this be used once a week and I...
  8. guppygrl

    Just bought a couple...

    I just added two new girl swordtails. I only had one male and one female dark blue before. I bought a pineapple and marble.
  9. guppygrl

    Waiting... any day now

    My gold sailfin Molly is getting really large and has a great appetite. I think I'm going to see some new fry any day! Her last batch has joined the big tank so it's about time for her to drop again. She's not quite squared off yet but last time she didn't get that boxy like my guppies...
  10. guppygrl

    Sniff sniff... lost a Cory

    One of my favourite albino Cory's I just found dead while doing a water change. Rip little fellow.. you were a great fish and we enjoyed your time we had with you. Might go get another this weekend. Not sure what kind yet... I love the albino but my peppers are rather cute too.
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