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  1. beyzagorkemli

    Have you ever seen this color?

    I have never seen such a nice yellow colored boy before.. My favourite bettas were black, blue and red ones. But since right now, I am not sure..
  2. beyzagorkemli

    Do you know about Water Lilies?

    Is there anyone who has Water lily? How can I keep it in my aquarium? Which properties (size, heat,.. etc.) does my aquarium have ? Anyway firstly, I must find it, and it's a hard job
  3. beyzagorkemli

    Betta aquarium and plants, any advice..

    Hi, I want to have a new betta aquarium with plants. Which plants shuld I have? I am thinking water lily with a purple betta but I'm afraid it's very hard to find a purple water lily and keep it in the aquarium , so which plant do you advice ?
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