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    How Many Bala Sharks In 40 Gallon Tank?

    this is killing me! I just got a 45 gal set up and cycling and i'm chomping at the bit to get my shark community going which I would LOVE to include bala's in! BUT I hear one gets lonely and two will fight so I figure I need three, and every time I see someone saying you need to raise balas in...
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    New to forum and new to Balas - Is my tank too small

    ummm. I have a 45 gallon (us) tank and its 48x18x12. i'm cycling to start a shark community and i'm still on the fence about the balas I really want because everyone that says my tank is big enough has a counterpart saying its not.. . . i'm definitely going to get a red tail and a rainbow, and...
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    Ammonia...what the???

    I may be waaaay off here, but I have a stable, cycled, 10 gallon tank that i've enjoyed for just about a year now. a few weeks ago I bought a bigger tank and while using the fishless cycle method of 'feeding' the empty tank, it also made sense to me to introduce the water from the cycled tank...
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    Corydoras + Goldfish in 10 (soon 30) gallons = ?

    I was given a goldfish in a bowl as a gift about a year ago and within about 10 hours had a water emergency that taught me a lot about goldfish and water really quickly. just a few weeks ago a bought a 45 gallon tank in anticipation of creating a community with my goldie and discovered that you...
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