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  1. MizRamzi


    For those of you who don't know, my son Jack has A.L.L. He left over a month ago to receive a bone marrow transplant, in TX. Mom #1 is with him and I'm here fretting. Well they now have a match (60%) and are waiting for it to arrive from Europe. On the 14th of this month the transplant will take...
  2. MizRamzi

    Hair Algae

    I have this awesome piece of LR (small) with some GBP polyps, a teeny weeny lil clam/muscle and little creatures living on it. It's got a bad case of hair algae. It's yet to spread to the rest of my tank but I know if I don't do something it soon will. I don't want to get rid of the rock. How...
  3. MizRamzi

    If you see a penny do you pick it up?

    If you see a penny on the ground would you pick it up? Even if it's tail up? I've left many a penny on the ground. I've moved your thread to the general discussion part of the forum since it isn't actually a "record keeping" poll. Thanks! Ken
  4. MizRamzi

    Home Town Pic's

    I just got the urge to share some beautiful pic's I took form Mt. Marquette, my home town.
  5. MizRamzi

    How many?

    How many corals can I put in my 8g nano? Can I put the plugs directly into the sand? Will they live peacefully next to each other? Last do I need to get a bigger tank?
  6. MizRamzi

    How did this happen?

    I'm spending waaaay too much time here. I love to read but this is crazy. My laundry sits in the washing machine, the dryer, the basket and then my bed for hours. Sometimes a whole day! I miss lunch and most times dinner. I haven't rearranged my furniture in years, but my tanks gets it daily...
  7. MizRamzi


    It this ok to display?
  8. MizRamzi


    I just bought my first one!! I know it's a simple lil thing but I'm excited.
  9. MizRamzi


    My very first mushroom has split and I gotta baby!!!
  10. MizRamzi


    Can someone please break this down for me? If 2oz for 25g what would that be in ml's for an 8g?
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