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  1. SomberGraph

    10 Gallon Tank Betta has blue spots on pectoral fins getting bigger?

    I have had a blue crowntail betta for about one month now. I noticed he had some blue spots on his otherwise clear pectoral fins but they match his coloration so I kind of forgot about it. Yesterday I noticed that they are much larger, most of his fins now seem to be blue, is this normal? It...
  2. SomberGraph

    10 Gallon Tank Tap water ammonia won't go down so tank ammonia won't go down?

    I've been doing daily water changes with Seachem Prime conditioner to try and manage a fish in cycle. (Fish seems healthy except for color changes throughout the day). I've been having trouble getting rid of the ammonia in the tank. It is usuallly low, around .25PPM, but it is always present. I...
  3. SomberGraph

    Can/should bettas change color throughout the day? Is something wrong?

    I brought home my crowntail betta a little under a week ago. At the store he was a very deep blue with a black face, the first night he became much paler, slightly lighter blue and pale blue face. He was dark again in the morning, so I assumed it was just the stress of moving. Every day around...
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