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  1. Collin Chorba

    Oddball / Unique Stocking Ideas?

    I like the puffers, shell dwellers (multies are my favorites), and black ghost knife fish, all options to consider, I’m thinking maybe the 60 be a massive live bearer community, I would get tons of breeding action, lots of activity and color but might get bored quick, I might do a betta sorority...
  2. Collin Chorba

    Bubbles Foam On Water

    What is the stocking?
  3. Collin Chorba

    Gourami Aggression?

    I think they are just establishing a pecking order, if it gets really bad or lasts for more than two weeks then I would start to worry
  4. Collin Chorba

    Oddball / Unique Stocking Ideas?

    HI all, I have two tanks that need suggestions on stocking, one 60 gallon and one 20 gallon long I would like them to be ok to maintain and not costing me a fortune, I would prefer the 20 long to be heavily planted, Going for stuff I won’t get bored with, maybe more of a challenge as I'm not...
  5. Collin Chorba

    20 Gallon Long Stocking?

    Oops lol I thought you said RCS, not CRS
  6. Collin Chorba

    20 Gallon Long Stocking?

    I like the shrimp idea, I have thought about something like some multies but still want it to be heavily planted, for that reason I don’t think breeding would be a good option. Think something like a betta sorority
  7. Collin Chorba

    20 Gallon Long Stocking?

    HI all, I have a 20 gallon long aquarium with two small sponge filters, I have been in the hobby for a bit and want something interesting that I won’t get bored with, I would like it to be heavily planted but am open to anything, thanks for all replies!
  8. Collin Chorba

    40 Gallon Tank Angel Fish Tank Mates

    Be careful with the barbs and the pleco, I’m not sure about Odessa barbs but I believe they can be nippy if not kept in large numbers, as for the pleco you need to keep it well fed so it doesn’t try to suck on your angels, with that size tank depending on the dimensions you could do a few more...
  9. Collin Chorba

    Do You Think This Is A Good Deal?

    As long as it isn’t damaged
  10. Collin Chorba

    Need A Diy Filter System For 2.5 Gallon Tank

    Look up the king of diy’s diy filters
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