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    What should I do with my danios?

    Hello, Here's my predicament. I bought a 29 gallon with the intention to have a diverse and peaceful community tank. I purchased 7 danios (4 leopard and 3 Pearl). At the time I didn't realize the Pearls were so much more aggressive than the leopards. I tried adding a school of Hengeli Rasbora...
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    Will Hengeli Rasbora be picked on?

    I'm thinking if adding Hengeli Rasbora to my tank with my leopard and pearl danios today. Do you think they will be picked on by my danios? Because my pearl danios are quite large (2 1/2 inches) and the Hengeli rasbora are quite small (maybe 2 cm). Are they compatible?
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    29 Gallon Tank Hengeli Rasbora with Danios?

    Hello, I would like to get a school of small orange fish for my 29 gallon and have been debating between glowlight tetra and harlequin rasbora. But when I went to my fish store today I saw Hengeli rasbora and love how they look! I love that they are more orange than the Harlequins but more...
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    Are these red gills on my Danio??

    Hello all, I've been on here talking about my danios a lot and how I think they have slow progressing columnaris. While waiting for medications to arrive from the States I've noticed what I think are red gills. I haven't had danios or any fish since I was a kid so I'm not sure if it's normal or...
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    To medicate or not to medicate

    Hello everyone, I have a long story for such a short question. Previously, I had thought that my fish had collumnaris particularly because some of them had a white spot on their mouth that wasn't fuzzy. My water was also warm (80-82 degrees) and I had put the water level lower to improve...
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    Is this Ick on Danios??

    I'm wondering if some of you more experienced fish keepers can help me. I noticed a white spots on the mouths of a few of my Danio. They seem to be swimming and eating normally. I'm wondering what you think this could be and how I can treat it. Here's some photos Thanks for your help, J
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    New to quarantining

    Hello, I'm thinking about my future tank plans for my 29 gallon. Right now I have 7 danios. I'm planning on adding a school of glowlight tetra, 3 honey gourami and maybe a small school if Corys (adding the fish slowly, a few at a time). My questions are about a quarantine tank for my new fish...
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    Nitrates always at 0

    Hi there, I did a fish in cycle with in my 29 gallon. It's been running for about 5 weeks. My tank seemed cycled in about 2 weeks with my 2 danio and filter media from a friend. Week 2: I added 2 more danio and parameters remained stable 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites. Now it is week 5, I have 4...
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    29 Gallon Tank Warm water stocking ideas

    Hello, I'm thinking about future stocking options for my 29 gal. My tank gets to around 80 F in the summer, but I'm planning on keeping it at 77-78 in cooler months. Ph is high, around 7.6, hardness is around 8.4 gr/gal. Currently I have 4 leopard danio. I would like fish that can tolerate...
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    Danio swimming in one spot

    My 29 gallon tank has been up for a month now. I cycled it with plants, filter media from a friend and 2 leopard danio. I tested the water often and did water changes often to make sure the ammonia levels didn't get too high. The Danio did great and Swimmy and Doc look happy and healthy. For a...
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