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  1. ShastaDaisy

    White patch on Peacock Gudgeon

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I first noticed something was wrong because he was sort of “treading water” is a vertical position right by the glass. Had never seen this before. When I went to look closer I could see right away that he looked pale, and then I noticed the white patch. From...
  2. ShastaDaisy

    What is this

    What is this? Please help, I just saw this white patch on the back of my Gudgeon. What is this? It’s a 33 gallon Fluval planted tank. Temperature 78-79 degrees. I do 30 - 50 % water change weekly, and an additional 10% one in between. In the tank are: 2 peacock gudgeons 4 blue neon gobys...
  3. ShastaDaisy

    2 broken feelers in new male pearl gourami

    So I FINALLY found a male gourami, I was so excited as he’s already beautiful. Introduced him to his tank and 3 females yesterday. I fed them blood worms tonight which makes them all excited and crazy and a little aggressive with each other. I just noticed that both of his feelers are...
  4. ShastaDaisy

    Waaaaay too many Sea Monkeys???

    Ooops. That’s a way more concentrated dose of sea monkeys than I thought it was. Am I going to be vacuuming up carcasses tomorrow? iCloud
  5. ShastaDaisy

    Corys Ruin Everything

    When you’re in the mood, and things are going well.... and then a Cory comes and runs you over and wrecks <3
  6. ShastaDaisy

    How do I give baby brine shrimp to my freshwater fish?

    Hi all, so I’m hatching brine shrimp for the first time. I have seen videos where the person uses a turkey baster or a straw and sucks them up. But I’m worried about the salt that’s in the water mixture. Is that safe for my freshwater fish? Thanks so much
  7. ShastaDaisy

    Pearl Gouramis Male or Female?

    I have 3 newish pearls, we were trying for one male and 2 female. The guy at the store thought that my bigger one is male, and my smallest one is female. He thought my medium one was female, but said he wasn’t totally sure about that one. The 2 bigger ones are definitely buddies, except for...
  8. ShastaDaisy

    OMG new lambchops are laying eggs, now what??

    So this is so crazy to me, but almost as soon as these new fish were in my tank, two of them started exhibiting breeding behavior. I had to look it up as I was pretty sure that’s what was happening, but wanted to confirm. And now I see them going underneath the leaves belly up, which I...
  9. ShastaDaisy

    How long for lambchop/espei rasboras to colour up?

    So I was super excited that my LFS finally got these in for me. I’ve had them for 3 1/2 days. I love them, I’m kind of a little disappointed with their colouring. I know it take a bit of time for them to settle down, and I keep reminding myself of this. And I know colour can vary a little...
  10. ShastaDaisy

    What do you all do for ongoing maintenance?

    Hey all, I’m just curious what everybody’s maintenance schedule is like? I’m doing 20 to 30% water changes once a week. And once a month I take out the 2 sponge filter things In the back of my flu for flex, and squeeze them and rinse them out in aquarium water that I’ve just taken out. I can’t...
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