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  1. Kayin1470

    I Need Adf Help Asap

    My 1 remaining ADF's back left leg is crumpled up and is a little bit reddish in places, there is a white fungus kind of stuff growing on it, presumably feeding on the legs dead tissue, I had no idea that this injury had occurred until just now. I assume it is from that one big fish that I had...
  2. Kayin1470

    New fish, newer fish.

    Well I got rid of my big ol Silver Dollars, (the pet shop confirmed.) because I woke up two days ago and one of my 2 remaining rummies was inexplicably dead. So just to be sure I took them back and got more community friendly fish, I got 2 cories for the one I already have, and for my lonely...
  3. Kayin1470

    Heres some new videos where I'm actually flying!

    ENJOY! and feel free to ask questions, and while you're looking at the scenery, I'd like to know, how do you like South East Alaska =P
  4. Kayin1470

    Future Plans and More

    Ello, here is a new video, enjoy.
  5. Kayin1470

    My new unknown fishies

    Behold, the wrath of my mothers impulse buying.... Are these silver dollars? they are big.
  6. Kayin1470

    The Plane I Fly

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you all know that I uploaded two vids onto youtube showing the plane that I fly in most of the time, take a look if you're curious =)
  7. Kayin1470

    Building Or Finding A Custom Aquarium Rack

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a custom aquarium rack building outlet or something like that. Here are my initial idea specs. and yes the picture is on it's side, turn it counter clockwise for it to be right side up, in case you couldn't tell lol. here's a right side up one. nobody...
  8. Kayin1470

    LUCY! I need some frog help please!

    one of my ADF's is curling his back right leg and not using it, what should I do?
  9. Kayin1470

    I need some help from a freshwater fish pro

    I had 2 rummynose tetra, 1 big albino pleco, 1 adolescent chinese algae eater, and 1 small corydoras catfish who seems to zip around the tank all day long, up and down, side to side, chasing fish etc. I've never seen him actually hurt another fish, but he does chase them around quite a bit, and...
  10. Kayin1470


    I turn 17 today! on the 17th! woot!
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