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  1. Adam55

    No Fish Allowed

    Well, Fishlore, it appears that the new place I'm moving to doesn't allow fish tanks. I don't quite understand why a fish tank would not be allowed, but it is what it is. Ovens are more dangerous than aquariums and no one bans them. Anyway, I've been arguing with them for several days now about...
  2. Adam55

    Moving a tank

    Has anyone ever hired an aquarium company before to move their tank, or has anyone ever moved one themselves? I'm moving in three weeks, and I really don't know how to go about tackling the tank. There's a lot of moving pieces with the tank, the filter (concerned about the bacteria), the...
  3. Adam55

    Return of the black beard algae

    I guess the title sort of sums it up. The black beard algae is creeping back onto the edges of my plant leaves. You know that scene in The Terminator when Linda Hamilton is being pursued by the exoskeleton torso of the Terminator, then crushes it in a hydraulic press, and then the hand starts...
  4. Adam55

    Thanks all!

    So, my girlfriend called me on my lunch hour to tell me about the water change mishap and how she was able to get help from FL to get it corrected. I wish I could find the thread to personally thank the members that helped her, but I know she asked to have it deleted so it remained a surprise. I...
  5. Adam55

    Loud noises!

    So, I was doing my water change yesterday and had to disconnect the outlet tube on my SunSun 303 (again!) in order to get it primed. I got the tank filled, the filter primed, and was adjusting the position of the outlet nozzle on my filter when the tube popped off. Hello, water. I had to drop...
  6. Adam55


    Hello everyone, I currently don't use CO2 but it's coming soon. In the meantime, does it matter what time of day I dose with Excel? Should I dose to mimic the natural cycle of photosynthesis? And does it or does it not melt vals? Some people say yes, some say no, some people say it will if you...
  7. Adam55

    3D Background

    Hello all, I had a question about a 3D background. Am I wrong in thinking that these don't work very well in a 55? The standard 55 is only one foot from front to back. Most of those backgrounds jut out up to and over 6" in places. That's cutting a lot of usable space out for my fish. Other than...
  8. Adam55

    Let there be light

    Hello everyone, I think I better understand now what kind of light I need for my moderately planted 55. Sand substrate, osmocote, Excel (I don't have co2) and basic macro fertilizers. Will this one work? It's 6500K, four 54W bulbs. Or could I get away with two bulbs? Thanks again.
  9. Adam55

    New light possibly pile of junk

    Hello all, I just bought a new light a few weeks ago, and my plants are suffering for it. I have a 55 gallon that is rather heavily planted. Sand substrate, osmocote caps, standard micro and macro ferts by SeaChem. I bought an Aquatic Life Edge LED light because it looked cool. Also because I'm...
  10. Adam55

    Snap, Crackle Pop

    So, I was out here last Thursday railing away about injuring my calf and ankle helping someone push their car. I went boxing the other day (I box once a week on Thursdays) and basically fainted when my ankle was stepped on. Getting punched in the head as I staggered around in a fog probably did...
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