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    Clean tank sharks die...

    That happened to me today. I change the water once a week and nothing has ever happened but I was running low on prime so I put what I had in the water and left to get some more. The pet store is 15 mins there and back. when I came home they were gone. I figured at least if I put the rest in...
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    Re: Ded Pleco

    All my water readins were right on. My tank has been set up for 3-4 months. I took him back and they said he was sick and a little small. So they gave me a new one that was bigger and more healthy looking. He is doing good so far. Thanks for the response.
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    Rubber Lip Pleco

    I have a rubber-lip pleco and he is so cute. I want to get another one but they were out.
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    Re: Ded Pleco

    I just bought one this afternoon. I acclimated him and put him in. He was doing fine, eating and I just looked and he was dead. I don't understand how that could have happened.
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    There are tanks espically for Jellyfish. I was just lloking it up. But the tank alone is 5000 and up. The jellyfish are around 40 dollars. I have seen them on TV and they are so pretty, but a little more then I can spend.
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    Bala has a little red on fins...

    I have a 50 gallon, I thought it was 40. I have 3 balas, 5 barbs, 6 danios, and a catfish. I have added one peice of new scenery but washed it really well. I have not added any chemicals. I am vacuming the gravel and doing a water change today. Hope that helps.
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    Bala has a little red on fins...

    One of my balas has a red tinit on his back fin. At the base of the fin there is a little dot that is red. His tail has a split in it but it always had. He is swimming around but not like he used to. I tested the water and my ammonia is 0. my nitrite is 0. I have been reading diffrent sites and...
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    My 40 gallon!!!!!

    I have never really thought about live plants. Do they help keep down nitrites? Mine go down then come up and I do my water change and then they go down again. I also use Prime. Are live plants pretty easy to take care of as well?
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    My 40 G aquarium

    Your tank is so cool. I love the colors.
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    My 40 gallon!!!!!

    Thanks, I have had a problem with nitrite and did lose 3 fish. It was quite sad. But after numerous water changes it has gone down.
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