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  1. Bettatude

    Seed New Sponge Filter From An Old One?

    I was wondering how to seed an 11 month old air bubbler hydro sponge filter to a new one for a 10 gallon tank for one Betta. The sponge filter is looking brownish lately so reason for wanting to change. Maybe cut a piece from the used filter and squeeze between the new one and the stand?
  2. Bettatude

    Phoenix Turned One Year Old

    HI All, I haven't posted in a long time but just wanted to give an update on my fin baby. Some might remember all the trials and tribulations this little guy has been through. Quick summary: Last October he had white spots, I tried treating him for ICK but it didn't work so I took him to a...
  3. Bettatude

    What A Fish Knows

    HI Everyone, I just got a book called, "What a Fish Knows; The Inner Lives of our Underwater Cousins." I am wondering if anyone has read the book yet and if so, I would love to hear your thoughts. I've only read a few blips so far and it sounds like a great read. The author is ethologist...
  4. Bettatude

    Phoenix's 2nd Trip To The Vet (long Read)

    Yes, this is a long one! I honestly didn’t realize that I would be writing a short story when I first sat down to type this out but here it goes. First, here’s a little bit of background information. I got Phoenix last August at a LFS. While in the cup at the store, I noticed his small size and...
  5. Bettatude

    Phoenix's New Swim Bladder Tank :)

    My little buddy Phoenix has chronic swim bladder disease, which, most likely, is caused by a genetic deformity as all else has been ruled out. Previously he was in a 10 gallon that was too big from top to bottom, and the current was too rough no matter how hard I tried to baffle it. Ever since...
  6. Bettatude

    Black Skirt Tetra

    I find BST's absolutely adorable. What tank size is minimal for them and how many required for schooling? Thanks in advance!
  7. Bettatude

    Phoenix Slowing Down

    For the past couple of days, Phoenix has been slowing down. I can't see anything wrong on the outside so it must be something internally. His color is good, matter of fact better than ever, he's eating well and not bloated. The last couple of days he has been hanging out at the bottom of the...
  8. Bettatude

    Here's a plant ID challenge

    HI all, I bought this plant a couple months ago from Petmart (Top Fin Brand). My Betta absolutely loves this plant but it's not doing so good from all the wear and tear. Lately, for some reason, my Petsmart has not stocked its shelf with anymore plants so I can't find another one to buy or...
  9. Bettatude

    Cycling Question

    I'm currently doing a fishless cycle on a 5 gallon with TSS and shrimp pellets. Do I need to heat the tank for the bacteria? If so, at what temp? Once the filter media is cycled (will test using API Master Kit), it will be placed in my 10 gallon. Is there anything else I should be doing?
  10. Bettatude

    Starting Over

    HI all, I just about had my 10 gallon cycled and my Betta became very ill. Thankfully, he's now on his way to recovery. Since my Betta has been through so much I don't want to put him through another cycle so is there anyway I can cycle an empty 5 gallon tank I have on hand and use that media...
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