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  1. aliray

    North West Coast storm. Are you okay?

    How is every body doing that lives in that area doing? Please post and let us know you,re okay when you can. Praying everybody made it through safe and sound. Alison
  2. aliray

    Got my new Kuhli loaches from Trinsfish yesterday

    tyguy7760 So I got my 6 new KuhlI loaches yesterday from Trinsfish. The fish are lively and appear healthy, They were double bagged in a priority one bag with Styrofoam insulation on all sides. My only complaint which I am going to write them a suggestion, is that no where on the outside of...
  3. aliray

    Ordered 6 striped kuhli loaches today from Trinsfish , So excited

    tyguy7760. I have been looking for the striped kuhlis for quite a while with no luck. I had one forty plus years ago. And this is your fault with your cute kuhlI photos and the strong recommendation for Trinsfish. I looked today and she had more in stock. Yipee, she had been out for a while...
  4. aliray

    Bought my angelfish Sparky a present.

    So I was brousing at my LFs a week ago and bought two pregnant guppies one of the red and white kind and the other looks like a tequila sunrise female. They have both since had their babies and the angel and my thick lipped gouramI got to hunt for their dinner. When they go in the 30 gal this...
  5. aliray

    Oh no, snail invasion. GRR

    I just fed my fish in the 20 gal and was watching the new gouramis to see if they would eat, bought them yesterday , and I notice some spots on things. Even with glasses the eye site not that great any more. I got close to the tank and they are on the filter, some fake plants real plants , moss...
  6. aliray

    Thick lipped gourami, impulse buy.

    Yesterday I went to my local Pet Supermarket to buy gravel for the thirty gallon we're setting up but they were out of the kind I want which is the river pebbles . So of course I went brousing through the fish isle. They have a new fish manager and some other new staff and the girl who manages...
  7. aliray

    Are Kuhli loaches sold in the USA all wild caught or domestically bred?

    I stopped at a privately owned fish store yesterday to see if he had any KuhlI loaches. The man that owns the store is very involved in fish clubs and seems very knowledgable. He told me that all kuhlI loaches sold in the USA are all wild caught because they are cheap and plentiful where they...
  8. aliray

    I'm excited.

    So my birthday is coming up and Hubby bought me a present. A Python water change system with all the extras, The hook for hands free and the longer wand for the 30 gal and 20 gal tank. Just got back from an appointment And there was the box and the envelope with hook.:;giftAlison
  9. aliray

    introdcing Lucky, my ABN Pleco

    Lucky enjoying his Acorn squash. Alison
  10. aliray

    introdcing Sparky, my koi angelfish

    n Alison, Can anyone guess the sex??
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