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  1. Geno

    Need Help With Id

    I purchased 15 danio choprae and this guy was a stoway ,cant seem to find an id on him .I know the pictures are not the best it just never sits still,it has a blue sheen orange chest and orange in the tail it has blue eyes ,I think its a danio but I don't see anything that matches his looks its...
  2. Geno

    Finished Up The 90 Gallon This Weekend

    So I finally found the time to finsh the rescape on the 90 gallon planted tank . Stocking list 15-orange fin kyathit 15-pearl danio 15-neon green axelrodi,margarition 15-microdevario kubotai 15-danio choprae 15-celestial pearl danio 15-chilI rasbora 15-oryzias woworae 8-dario dario scarlet...
  3. Geno

    Has Anyone Ran There Air Pump Through There Co2 Reactor At Night

    So I have a 90 gallon planted tank I'm running co2 through a aqua medic 1000 reactor ,useing a fluval fx-4 canister and a 36 inch diy spray bar .I was wondering if anyone runs there air pump at night through there reactor after the co2 has shutoff.I'm curently useing a air stone on the air pump...
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