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  1. Axonending12

    Supplies after quarantining fish?

    How long do you NOT utilize tank materials (put them aside) such as siphon, net, decor, spongfilter in a tank after you used it as a quarantine tank for a fish you got that wound up coming with ICH? I want to place the sponge filter back in the main tank BUT the last fish I had in quarantine had...
  2. Axonending12

    Root tab explosion

    So.. I was placing some root tabs from aquarium co-op for the first time and as I'm jamming it to the bottom of the substrate per the directions, half the capsule rockets to the top dispersing half or more of the contents throughout the water column. 10 gallon newly setup/cycled tank heavily...
  3. Axonending12

    Transfer biomedia

    So I have a 55 gallon that has been running for 4 months now. It cycled a little over one month into the process. Now almost fully stocked. That said I removed a 2 inch by 2 inch piece of sponge and 10+ ceramic balls from my media in the main 55 gallon for my 10 gallon betta tank...
  4. Axonending12

    Electric Blue Acara Tankmates

    I am not an expert but currently havea 55 gallon with 1 EBA, 9 emerald green cories, 1 BN plec and 9 red eye tetra. Have had 0 issues with anyone out of this group. I had tigers... they live up to their reputation even in "sufficient school size 9+" they nipped fins off everyone. They are best...
  5. Axonending12

    Cory white looking Popeye?

    Yes sorry I had to re download the app to get it to work. DoubleDutch
  6. Axonending12

    Cory white looking Popeye?

    Here is the template list of everything about my tank presently and symptoms. Last night noted Cory Cat had white discoloration around eye. Check this morning and its bulging, white and possibly a little fuzzy around it. These fish were quarantined for 4 full weeks with no signs or symptoms...
  7. Axonending12

    Brown algae/Diatom in new 55g

    I just came home after three days being away from home to my newly cycled fish tank (finished cycling mid October) and spotted this brown algae/diatom looking substance ALL over my rock, plants and driftwood. I have also just gotten over an ich outbreak in my tank requiring 25% water changes...
  8. Axonending12

    Replacing filter floss media

    There is some filter floss I have from when I first begain cycling the tank on 8/30/2019. My tank Cycled around mid October. Now back to the filter floss It has all but stopped the flow of water out of the HOB into the tank. I have cleaned it in old tank water on water change days. That...
  9. Axonending12

    55 Gallon Tank Only 2 fish present with ICH?

    You can see the white spots on the little fuy in the center. I can't get a picture of my BN pleco because it doesn't show on pics due to him being albino. I will continue to dose full strength now. LFS had me dosing slightly less because of the tetras.
  10. Axonending12

    55 Gallon Tank Only 2 fish present with ICH?

    I am on day 8 now of treatment of ICH with ICH-X recommended by my LFS. Strangest thing is the ONLY fish to exhibit symptoms are one younger tiger barb and my BN pleco. Total I have 6 Red Eye Tetra, 4 tiger barbs, 1 BN pleco. That being said I am aware that if one fish has it the whole tank...
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