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    Very first Saltwater Tank! - 20 gallon JBJ Nano

    This is my first tank setup. I picked up a JBJ 20 gallon Cubey back in May and have been sitting on it while I do research and let the anxiety settle down lol. The tank and stand was only $147 with an inventory blowout sale. Couldn't pass up the deal. The AIO filter came with foam blocks and...
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    My First Tank! JBJ 20 gallon Cubey!

    Back in May I picked up a JBJ 20 gallon Cubey and stand for $147. It was an inventory blowout deal and I figured I couldn't pass it up! The AIO came with foam blocks and a janky removable filter and after a ton of research I figured it wasn't the best setup for a bio filter. I picked up some...
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